Dc Pv Combiner Box String Electric Waterproof Solar Junction Box For Solar Panels

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1. In the solar power generation system, in order to reduce the connection lines, facilitate maintenance, reduce losses, optimize the system structure, and improve the safety and reliability of the project, PV combiner boxes are usually installed between the solar panel and the inverter. 2. In addition to the photovoltaic node function, the PC combiner box shall also have a series of perfect protection functions such as anti reverse current, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, etc., and check the operation status, current, voltage, power junction, arrester status, DC circuit breaker status acquisition, arc detection, leakage detection (optional), etc. 3. Our PV combiner box has all the above functions and is equipped with grid connected/off grid solar inverter to form a complete solar power generation system. 4. When selecting the photovoltaic combiner box, a certain number of panels are connected in series according to the input DC voltage range and output power of the inverter, and a certain number of strings are connected in parallel to the photovoltaic combiner box for wiring, protected by the control circuit breaker and lightning arrester, and then fed into the inverter. Main features: 1. Comply with CGC/GF002:2010, Technical Specification for PV Array Junction Box 2. It is allowed to connect 24 series of panels at most, and the nominal voltage of each series is 10A, and the maximum is 15A 3. Total output current 250A, maximum voltage 1000Vdc 4. For each string, high-voltage fuse protection and reverse connection protection. 5. Equipped with photovoltaic high-voltage arrester protection 6. Photovoltaic high-voltage circuit breaker control output, withstand voltage DC1200V, fuse current optional 7. Comply with outdoor installation, with protection grade of IP65 8. Isolated RS485 port is used for remote data communication and supports MODBUS-RTU protocol. 9. Built in comprehensive protection alarm function, not only various alarm parameters can be programmed, but also each alarm function can be set as "on" or "off" 10. once there is harmful arc in the real-time DC circuit, the alarm will work, trip directly, cut off the fault circuit, and prevent the arc from causing fire.



Width (A) mm

Height (B) mm


18 routes




















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