Thailand Bangkok International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Exhibition

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Date 2023-06-21 - 2023-06-24
City Bangkok
Address Bangkok
Sponsor reed exhibitions

Exhibition introduction

The NEPCON (Electronic Manufacturing Equipment and Microelectronics) series exhibition organized and hosted by Reed Exhibitions, a large global exhibition company, covers all products in the electronic manufacturing industry, such as SMT equipment products and materials, PCB manufacturing services and materials, electronic components and materials, and automation equipment, and is held in Japan, South Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam respectively.

NEPCON Thailand is one of the series of exhibitions. It is a large-scale and professional international electronics manufacturing exhibition in Thailand. It was originally a special exhibition once every two years. It has been changed into an annual exhibition since 2013, and has been successfully held for 19 times since the local market demand and feedback from exhibitors. In 2017, the exhibition was moved to Hall 98, and the exhibition area was expanded again. In 2019, more than 350 international brands from 22 countries participated in the exhibition, and more than 10000 professional buyers were invited to purchase. International electronic and electrical seminars and NEPCON procurement conferences were also held, which is an excellent platform for relevant manufacturers in China's electronic manufacturing industry to develop and maintain Thailand and even the East!

Scope of exhibits

1. Printed circuit board: SMT equipment, PWB/PCB, rigid board, multilayer board, flexible board, soft and hard bonding board, semiconductor packaging PCB, embedded passive component (EPD), PCB material, rigid copper clad plate, flexible copper clad plate, protective plate, copper foil, insulating material;

2. IC packaging: assembly equipment (bonding machine, molding machine, resin coating machine, cutting machine, lead processing equipment, laser processor), packaging materials/components (sealant, adhesive, lead frame, bonding wire, tape materials), analysis/simulation software, packaging (CSP, BGA, MCM, wafer level CSP);

3. Electronic components: capacitors, inductors/coils, magnetic contactors, circuit breakers, anti-static components (anti-static materials, insulating materials, RoSH compatible components/materials), thermal design components (heater control parts, radiator panels/materials), connectors, sensors, connecting wires;

4. EMS/contract manufacturing services: electronic manufacturing/production services, turnkey factories/solutions, consulting services;

5. Welding: welding machine, reflow welder, rework equipment, welding iron, welding bath, flux applicator, welding materials/fluxes;

6. SMT material handling equipment and systems: loader, unloader, conveyor, automatic classification system, palletizing robot, pallet stacker, sorter, automatic guided vehicle, carrier, shelf, mobile shelf, pallet, cabinet;

7. Cleanliness/anti-static: cleanroom systems/articles, clean workbenches, air shower rooms, particle counters, ion generators, ESD/anti-static products, wipers/wiping cloths, vacuum cleaners, cleaning equipment, and related accessories (filtering units, oil-water separators, solvent recovery devices, ultrasonic generators, sewage treatment devices);

8. Inspection: board visual inspection equipment, welding visual inspection equipment, X-ray inspection, IC/PCB/meta component visual inspection, lead frame inspection, internal circuit tester, IC/LSI tester, inspection fixture/test fixture/probe/test bench, 2D/3D inspection, analysis equipment/software, contract analysis service.


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