Metrology Equipment 160Mpa 1600bar Dead Weight Tester Deadweight Tester for Pressure Gauge Calibrati

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Metrology Equipment 160Mpa 1600bar Dead Weight Tester Deadweight Tester for Pressure Gauge Calibration

YWT-250 series piston pressure gauges Dead weight tester can produce pressures up to 250MPa, and are mainly used in metrological verification laboratories to verify pressure gauges such as digital pressure gauges, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, precision pressure gauges and ordinary pressure gauges. It is suitable for measurement departments of high-level measurement institutions, pressure instruments, instrument manufacturers and modern factories. ●Range: 2-160MPa, 5-250MPa ●Accuracy level: 0.05, 0.02, 0.01, 0.005 ●Today's most cutting-edge built-in pipeline layout, the tabletop is simple and clean; ●With pre-compression function, easy to pressurize under high pressure; ●Pistons and piston cylinders are made of high-strength, high-hardness, and low-temperature linear expansion coefficient of cemented carbide tungsten carbide material after careful grinding, wide working environment temperature, stable performance 20±5℃; ●Oil medium lubrication, high piston sensitivity; Super-hard material, the piston has a long service life, and the pressure deformation is negligible; ●Manufactured according to the user's local acceleration of gravity; ●Each weight is equipped with an adjustment cavity, which is convenient for periodic inspection and adjustment; ●All stainless steel pipe joints are well sealed and there is no aging problem of plastic pipes; ●Working medium: Diisooctyl sebacate ●Pressure gauge connector: M20*1.5 internal thread (two) ●Adopt quick connector, easy to operate, easy to tighten without wrench; ●The working position of the piston is monitored by a displacement sensor, the piston up and down stroke is 0~3mm, and the instrument display has the advantages of sensitivity, eye-catching, and accuracy; ●The weight of grade 0.05 is carbon steel, and the weight of grade 0.02 is non-magnetic stainless steel weight;







Measurement lower limit (MPa)



Nominal area of piston (cm2)



Piston rod and cylinder material

Tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide

Pressure generated by weight (MPa)

1MPa×1pcs, 2MPa×2pcs

3MPa×1, 10MPa×15

5MPa×1, 10MPa×2

20MPa×11pcs, 2MPa×2pcs

Weight (KG)



Working fluid

Sebacate (diisoamyl sebacate or diisooctyl sebacate) Kinematic viscosity at 20 hours 20 ~ 25 centistokes, acid value not more than
0.05 mg KOH/g


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