State Grid Gansu Electric Power: Actively supervise and promote major projects to go deep and solid

   2023-04-21 380
Thanks to the provincial power company for focusing on the construction of major projects, and the main leaders commanding from the front, which eliminated our doubts about construction, commissioning

"Thanks to the provincial power company for focusing on the construction of major projects, and the main leaders commanding from the front, which eliminated our doubts about construction, commissioning, and electricity prices, and provided a strong power supply service guarantee for the early start, early construction, and early commissioning of the project. "On April 10, Cui Hai, deputy general manager of Gansu Jinchang Xinjinyuan New Materials Co., Ltd., said during an on-site investigation by the State Grid Gansu Electric Power Leader Baozhu Supervision Office.

The picture shows the staff of State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company serving the transformation project of Dongfang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. Qiao Weiming/Photo

It is reported that the State Grid Gansu Provincial Electric Power Company has strengthened process control in the process of carrying out leadership supervision and supervision, and the project chief is in charge of large project services. Actively do a good job in communication and connection with the packaged project, comprehensively use written supervision, on-site supervision, big data supervision and other methods to establish a normalized supervision and inspection mechanism, timely feedback on problems found, and rectify within a time limit to ensure that the work achieves actual results. Effectively carry out regular visit services, contact with fixed-point contractors to grasp projects, and conduct customer discussion and visit activities to publicize and implement power consumption policies, and understand project construction progress and existing problems. At the same time, deepen the panoramic "sunshine industry expansion" service system, actively connect with local development plans, rationally optimize the grid layout, realize the coordinated promotion of grid planning and local development planning, actively assist customers in handling various procedures in the early stage of projects, and improve power handling efficiency. In addition, the company also implements dynamic tracking and evaluation of each supervised project, establishes a large-scale project electricity consumption information account in a timely manner, finds out the project's production cycle, the load and electricity after the project is completed, and analyzes the project's investment benefits, construction scale and development prospects. Carry out project evaluation according to the dynamics of market conditions, and promote the deepening and solidity of major project services.

"We strive to fulfill the promise of 'Let the development of electricity, etc.', firmly grasp the key to stable growth and stable market players, and take the supervision of key projects as the 'top leader'. The project is constantly promoted, and deepens the level of supervision and cross-professional collaboration. Cooperate with the working mechanism to form a work pattern that connects the top and bottom and work together to improve the service level of "getting electricity." Zhou Haijun, supervisor of major projects and deputy general manager of the Marketing Department of State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company, introduced.

In the past few days, the State Grid Gansu Electric Power Company has made every effort to ensure the power supply service guarantee for key supervision projects in the "14+370" provinces, cities, and counties. Griffin’s anode materials and other projects have accumulated more than 160 times, and solved more than 50 customer demands. Through zero-distance and caring communication with customers, we understand the project construction progress and customer concerns, solve customers’ actual difficulties, and promote the safe and orderly construction of major projects and quick and efficient delivery.

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