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As Huanxian lamb meat was included in the national team's athletes' preparation guarantee products, named high-speed rail, topped the list of top ten mutton brands in the country, and the city

As "Huanxian lamb meat" was included in the national team's athletes' preparation guarantee products, named high-speed rail, topped the list of top ten mutton brands in the country, and the city business card of "China Yanggu, Shanmei Huanzhou" started, the National Network Day Yangyang Power Supply Co., Ltd. actively acts as a "priority officer of electric power", insists on "preferring to allow electricity to wait for development, not to allow development to wait for electricity", and makes every effort to ensure the electricity consumption of "three rural areas" and contribute to the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization by the State Grid.

Mange Power helps the development of the industry to run out of "acceleration"

The spring breeze is like a distinguished guest, and it becomes prosperous as soon as it arrives. In the vast fields, silver lines have witnessed the process of the former impoverished village becoming a professional village with an output value of 100 million yuan in the Caoyang industry in Huanxian County. The sheep houses with blue roofs and gray walls perform the music of getting rich one after another. Xigou Village, Quzi Town is the village with the largest alfalfa planting area in the county, covering 12,000 mu. There are 334 farming households in the village, 56,000 sheep are raised, and the per capita disposable income exceeds 10,000 yuan.

"Now that the line is erected to the door of the house, the electricity is guaranteed, and the hay is mechanized. The rations of the 100 sheep in stock will not have to worry about it. The labor cost is greatly saved, and the villagers no longer have to go out to work." Recently, Xigou Village Party branch secretary Liu Xiaobing said firmly at the grass planting and spring plowing site in the village.

After several years of development, Huanxian meat sheep has formed an industrial development system of "integration of introduction, breeding, breeding and promotion, one-stop planting, breeding, processing and marketing", and the industrial value of grass sheep has exceeded 5.5 billion yuan. While accelerating the development of the sheep industry, it has driven the vigorous development of the breeding industry, and put forward higher requirements for the quality and reliability of power supply. In 2022, State Grid Qingyang Power Supply Company will focus on the crux of the problem and carry out an in-depth special action of "getting electricity" to accurately serve the strategic goals of rural revitalization. During the year, 13 batches of engineering projects will be implemented with a total investment of 130 million yuan, benefiting 20 towns and 121 villages and towns. Administrative villages, 238 natural villages, and 2,392 households have solved the electricity problem of 32 professional cooperatives and 16 fattening farms. In 2022, the number of sheep raised in Huan County will reach 3.6 million, and 1.9 million sheep will be slaughtered, ranking first in the province. The per capita income of sheep farmers will exceed 7,000 yuan.

Efficient operation of electricity to help enterprises resume work and production "speed up and increase efficiency"

"After the implementation of 'oil to electricity', we have effectively reduced the cost of our mineral resources mining process, saving nearly 200,000 yuan in electricity costs per month, saving millions of yuan in annual costs, and reducing harmful gas emissions. This time , you accepted and put into operation this special oil line 6 days in advance, which gave us enough motivation to speed up the resumption of work and production. Thank you very much." On February 26, the 35 kV Qingyang Yuesheng Hengli The line "T" was connected to the fire work site. The project leader Zhao Haibo expressed his gratitude to the staff of the State Grid Qingyang Power Supply Company who came to install the special line.

Optimizing the business environment can only be better, not the best. Since 2022, State Grid Qingyang Power Supply Company has effectively implemented a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, comprehensively promoted the "three zeros" and "three provinces" services for low-voltage small and micro enterprise customers, and large and medium-sized enterprise customers with 10 kV and above, and streamlined the power supply process , closely tracked the customer's electricity demand and progress, accepted and completed the low-voltage extension for 203 households in the first grade, and reduced the customer's electricity cost by 4.146 million yuan; accepted and completed 88 business expansion supporting projects of 10 kV and below such as Qingyang Weihe Dairy Co., Ltd. , reducing the cost of running electricity for enterprises by 18.4395 million yuan.

"Double network integration" provides a "bright kitchen and bright stove" for the electricity consumption environment

"I used the mobile phone APP to submit the application for electricity use when I submitted the installation, and I didn't run a trip. The official power delivery time was a week earlier than planned, which greatly exceeded our expectations." On February 15, Gansu Hengtai Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. was in charge Li Shuangxin said to Wang Jiang, Taiwan District Manager of State Grid Qingyang Power Supply Company, who came to visit.

Since the beginning of this year, State Grid Qingyang Power Supply Company has taken the "emoji package" of electricity customers as the "weathervane" of power service work, and fully implemented the dual network integration of "power supply + township", "power supply + village group", "power supply + community" Grid co-construction service model, including power supply service, safe electricity use, standardized power information, rural power grid transformation, power facility protection, etc. rule. At the same time, the company publicly pushes the 24-hour power supply service supervision call, which truly builds a "connecting bridge" to serve the masses, achieves "one call, service at home", and truly makes ordinary people feel convenient, fast, and high-quality power supply Serve.

In the next step, State Grid Qingyang Power Supply Company will thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully fulfill the "three major responsibilities" of state-owned enterprises, give full play to the supporting, guaranteeing, leading and leading role of power grid enterprises, and resolve the contradictions in power supply services. Points, difficulties, and pain points as the focus of work, continue to improve the level of customers' "access to electricity", so that people in old areas can use electricity with higher quality, and enable the development of the industry to "get off to a good start".

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