Five highlights of the first domestic exhibition of Yuejiang Robot 2023!

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The 2023 Shenzhen ITES Industrial Exhibition was grandly opened on March 29. Yuejiang Robot brought five major industry application solutions and a new CR20A product with a large load of 20kg, and the

The 2023 Shenzhen ITES Industrial Exhibition was grandly opened on March 29. Yuejiang Robot brought five major industry application solutions and a new CR20A product with a large load of 20kg, and there were even robots "barista" and "milk tea maker" making latte latte and delicious food on the spot. On the first day of tea drinking, the booth of Yuejiang Robotics was full of people, presenting a technological feast of intelligent manufacturing to the audience.

  Aspect 1: Man-machine cooperation relay glue coating

  The scheme shows the working scene of cross-border collaborative robot and operator cooperation. Manually place the unglued relays on the operating table, and then Yuejiang CR3S collaborative robot continues to apply glue. After the completion, the finished product is manually transferred to the finished product area, and the manual and robot are operated sequentially. The glue coating speed is fast and the quality of the finished product is good.


  Since the working space of the relay gluing process is less than 1 square meter, in order to ensure production efficiency and maximize the protection of personnel safety, the Yuejiang collaborative robot in this solution is specially equipped with a safety skin. When it detects that a person has approached 15cm, the robot stops immediately. Automatically resume operation after people leave to ensure efficient and safe production process.

  Aspect 2: Automobile industry solution car light lock

  The Yuejiang CR5 collaborative robot is equipped with a locking screw technology package, which can accurately lock M 1.0 - M 5.0 screws, with a cycle time of 2.5 s, and the torque accuracy error can be controlled within ± 5%. It supports multi-angle and multi-posture operation, and can quickly complete a car light The locking task of multiple hole positions of the component increases the efficiency of the production line while ensuring the locking yield.

  The self-developed screw locking process package of Yuejiang improves the overall debugging efficiency by 80%, and the operation process is simplified to three steps: taking screws, locking screws, and uploading data. No programming is required, and the production can be quickly started by one-click generation of programs, making it easier to get started .



  Aspect 3: Mobile welding station for metal processing solutions

  The mobile welding workstation adopts a highly integrated lightweight design, seamlessly combining the cross-border collaborative robot with welding machines and ecological components, which can be easily pushed by a single person and adapted to various welding scenarios.

  The workstation is equipped with the welding process package developed by Yuejiang, which provides simple drag teaching and graphical programming. There is no threshold for getting started, and various welding programs can be quickly generated. Novices become old welders in seconds, and deployment time is shortened by 80%. Through simple settings, various arc swing modes such as triangle, spiral, trapezoid, and sine can be realized. Whether it is welding carbon steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminum, the weld seam can be kept beautiful and free of deformation.


    Aspect 4: Smart retail solution arms "latte"

  The cooperation of two Yuejiang Nova 2 collaborative robots can automatically realize the whole process of cup taking, coffee making, coffee latte art, cup dispensing, and cleaning and disinfection without manual participation, replicating the art latte art of professional baristas. The coffee station is flexible and easy to move, with a small footprint, and can be easily deployed in crowded places. With an open workbench, the entire production process can be seen, so you can buy with peace of mind.


  Nova 2 is a collaborative robot specially designed by Yuejiang for commercial scenarios. It has a lightweight body design, small size, light weight, multiple safety protections, and supports personalized customization of "skin". Smart retail opens up unlimited imagination.


  Aspect 5: The debut of a 20kg large-load robot

  The 20kg heavy-duty Yuejiang CR20A collaborative robot debuted for the first time. On the basis of continuing the safety, efficiency, flexibility and ease of use of the CR series, the performance has been greatly improved. The working radius of 1,700 mm can meet the needs of heavy-duty robots over 10 kg in the automotive, home appliance, logistics and other industries. Scenario requirements such as workpiece picking, packaging and palletizing, flexible processing of large-size parts, and welding of long welded parts and components.


  The on-site palletizing solution is composed of CR20A, all components are highly integrated, and the whole set of equipment can be packaged and delivered, plug and play. The palletizing process package developed by Yuejiang is easy to operate, and the process setting can be easily completed in 4 steps. The stacking height of the solution reaches 2,100 mm, and the cycle rate is 7 pieces/min. It can efficiently handle the palletizing tasks in industries such as medicine, food, logistics, daily chemical, and plastic manufacturing, and help more industries reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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