There are many bright spots, Han's Robotics presents a variety of new products at 2023ITES Shen

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On March 29, the four-day 2023 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall). The S-series collaborative r

On March 29, the four-day 2023 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall). The S-series collaborative robot with large load characteristics and the new product of force control/visual integration Elfin Pro, etc., demonstrated the hard-core strength of Han’s robots to help the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry for on-site exhibitors and audiences.

Han's Robot Booth Grand Event

  Application scheme: automatic welding workstation

  Han's robotics automatic welding workstation is composed of Elfin Pro series robot body, industry-leading welding torch system and other components, combined with the advantages of Elfin Pro series robot force control/visual integration, high repeat positioning accuracy, etc., it can realize flexible dragging, contact positioning, arc welding Functions such as tracking and laser tracking enable long-term, uninterrupted, high-quality, and high-stability welding work, which is mainly used to reduce costs and increase efficiency for automated production in the fields of auto parts, construction machinery, and metal processing.

  The workstation has a variety of control techniques, which are extremely suitable for metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy; in terms of use, the workstation provides drag-and-drop teaching and graphical programming. It takes 10 minutes to get started quickly, and can quickly complete welding such as straight lines and circles. Greatly improve efficiency.

  Application scheme: Han's robot + screw driving

  In manufacturing and production enterprises, screwing is one of the common and high-frequency operation scenarios. Han’s robots can replace manual labor to complete screw picking, placing, and tightening processes. It can be widely used in automobiles, 3C electronics and other fields to realize automatic assembly. .

  The Elfin series of collaborative robots can accurately align and lock the screws, avoid manual missed or crooked screwing, solve the problems of low efficiency of manual screw locking and difficulty in ensuring product consistency, and ensure the quality of workmanship.

  Application scheme: Han's robot + CNC loading and unloading

  For application scenarios such as loading and unloading of CNC machine tools, Han's Robot is based on the combination of collaborative robots + AGV, using both hands and feet, making use of the strengths of both, making it more intelligent and flexible.

  It is easy to use, can realize zero-programming basic entry, can independently complete navigation, obstacle avoidance, and automatically perform operations such as material picking and placing without manual intervention, and at the same time realize 1 to 10 or even more CNC machine connections The flow of materials between various equipment in the factory is greatly improved, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

  Application solution: Han's robot + 3D visual inspection

  Han's robot is equipped with an intelligent 3D detection system independently developed by its partners, which can perform fully automatic and standardized 3D scanning, quickly obtain accurate 3D data of workpieces, perform real-time online detection, and output detection reports.

  The system can be customized and developed according to the actual detection scenarios, which is suitable for batch 3D size detection in modern factories, and helps the efficient and high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing.

  National explosion-proof certification: Elfin Ex series

  The explosion-proof collaborative robot launched by Han's Robot has obtained national explosion-proof certification, can replace workers, work normally in explosive hazardous environments, and greatly reduce operation risks.

  It adopts a positive pressure compensation explosion-proof structure with a medium isolation ignition source, and the shell is designed with multiple sealing structures, so as to realize a compound explosion-proof structure such as intrinsically safe and positive pressure; it is equipped with an air pressure monitoring system to realize full-process monitoring and reduce the risk of explosion to a minimum. zero.

  This series of products has four load options of 5kg, 8kg, 10kg and 15kg, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach up to ±0.02mm. It can cover various application scenarios and meet the needs of different industries, such as spraying, dangerous goods transfer, petroleum and petrochemical industries, etc. .

  20KG large load robot: S series

  Han's Robot S series collaborative robots have the characteristics of large load and large arm extension, and can easily realize 20KG super-heavy load, and the working radius can reach 1300mm~1700mm, which can be widely used in machine tool loading and unloading, palletizing, assembly and large load handling and other applications Scenes.

  Inheriting the technical advantages of the Elfin series, it has made qualitative leaps in product performance, safety protection, response speed, and anti-interference ability. It is a sharp tool to help users improve production efficiency in an all-round way.

  Blockbuster new product: Elfin Pro series

  Elfin Pro (E-Pro) series collaborative robots are developed on the basis of the Elfin series. It continues the advantages of the Elfin series products such as complete models, convenient deployment, high precision, high flexibility, double-joint module design, and modular design. , and at the same time upgrade the product capabilities, integrate cutting-edge AI technology, realize the integration of end force control and end vision, adopt new surface treatment technology, both beautiful and practical, achieve more stable and reliable performance, and safer human-machine cooperation , The characteristics of a wider range of application scenarios.

  In addition, the Elfin Pro (E-Pro) machine realizes 1000Hz real-time control refresh rate, which can achieve industry-leading trajectory precision control, stable and reliable performance, faster response speed, and safer human-machine cooperation.

  Black technology: Elfin+ somatosensory control

  Han's robot somatosensory control application, through depth recognition, enables the end of the robot to follow the body movements in real time, and can also directly interact with various peripherals (such as grippers, suction cups) in real time, with a high degree of flexibility.

  In addition, at this ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition, Han's Robotics also concentrated on displaying IP66 waterproof, etc., which attracted many industry users to stop and visit.

  Han's Robotics will continue to improve products and solutions in various fields, and always adhere to the true nature of serving the people with robot technology. There are many bright spots, Han's Robotics presents a variety of new products at 2023ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition

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