Yuejiang and Dongfeng have in-depth cooperation to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading

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Recently,Yuejiang Robotics and Dongfeng Equipment have reached an in-depth cooperation. The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation in new intelligent manufactu

Recently, Yuejiang Robotics and Dongfeng Equipment have reached an in-depth cooperation . The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation in new intelligent manufacturing equipment and robot applications to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. Liu Zhufu, deputy general manager of Yuejiang, Liu Xiangqing, secretary of the party committee of Dongfeng Equipment, and Wu Hongjian, deputy general manager, attended the signing ceremony.


  Yuejiang is the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent robots, the pioneer of desktop collaborative robots, the top three in the global market share of light-load collaborative robots, independent research and development of key technologies, and a product localization rate of 90% . With advanced artificial intelligence and robot solutions , to help customers in various industries transform and upgrade, and efficiently meet the growing demand for flexible and automated production. At present, Yuejiang robots have successfully landed in many industries such as automobiles, 3C, electronics, semiconductors, medical care, and new retail, becoming a new driving force for industrial innovation and high-quality development.


Liu Zhufu, Deputy General Manager of Yuejiang

  Founded in 1969, Dongfeng Equipment mainly provides various high-precision, high-efficiency and high-reliability special-purpose machine tools and automatic lines, flexible processing equipment and flexible production lines, welding equipment and flexible welding lines, industrial services, and enterprise digital solutions for the automotive and civil industries . solution, intelligent operation and maintenance business.


Liu Xiangqing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Equipment

  In recent years, Dongfeng Equipment has been concentrating on the road of innovation and development of "intelligent manufacturing", and is committed to creating digital and intelligent Dongfeng new equipment, developing into new technology iterations and digital upgrades for welding and assembly; transformation of automatic machining solutions for machine tools; Digital smart technology and industrialized services are growing at double speed; an intelligent equipment company with rapid development of new energy business.


Wu Hongjian, Deputy General Manager of Dongfeng Equipment

  The cooperation between Yuejiang and Dongfeng Equipment will be further deepened on the basis of the previous cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages in technology, products and markets, and cooperate comprehensively in robot technology development, robot application development, intelligent manufacturing talent training etc. , jointly explore the innovative application of robot technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing, jointly promote the research and development and industrialization of intelligent manufacturing products, and provide global customers with smarter products and better services.

  Dongfeng Equipment has deep technical accumulation and rich experience in the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing and solutions. Combining Yuejiang's technical advantages in the field of intelligence and application practices in multiple industries, the strong alliance will jointly promote the innovation and development of intelligent manufacturing. development, fully empowering the automation transformation and upgrading of various industries.


  Over the past two years, Yuejiang has accumulated a lot of practical experience in the automotive field. The automotive industry customers are all over the world, including German Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Japanese Toyota, Beiqi Foton, etc., covering a comprehensive range of application scenarios, such as auto parts testing, grinding, Cutting, screw locking, etc.

  Yuejiang has  a product matrix ranging from 0.5kg to 20kg, easy-to-use process packages and solutions , helping customers shorten the integration deployment cycle and greatly improving the production efficiency of complex and high-precision processes in the automotive industry.

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