Vallourec's CLEANWELL patented coating technology successfully passed the hydrogen storage appl

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In recent years, the greenhouse effect has become more and more severe, and the energy problem is an urgent problem for human beings to solve.Hydrogen energy is the mainstream of green energy in the f

In recent years, the greenhouse effect has become more and more severe, and the energy problem is an urgent problem for human beings to solve. Hydrogen energy is the mainstream of green energy in the future. Because of its high thermal energy and non-polluting characteristics, it has been listed as the main research focus by scientists. But in commercial applications, hydrogen energy has not been widely used, one of the reasons is the immaturity of storage technology. Recently, Vallourec's CLEANWELL patented coating technology, which is an oil-free thread solution, has been successfully tested and can be used in hydrogen storage applications.

  Vallourec has always been committed to exploring the forefront of hydrogen storage technology and contributing wisdom and strength to the world to solve the problem of safe hydrogen storage. In 2021, it developed a qualification certification agreement to simulate actual storage operating conditions, including pressure, temperature, mechanical load and other conditions , to verify the tightness of the VAM patent 21 special buckle in hydrogen storage applications. Tests have proved that VAM patent 21 can be used reliably even in the harshest environment, can withstand a pressure of up to 20,000 psi and a high temperature above 180°C, and successfully passed the test of 100% hydrogen and cyclic loading.

  The first qualified special buckle is WAM patent 21 9 5/8", which is suitable for storage applications up to 560bar. Physical testing and finite element analysis of other outer diameter dimensions are also advancing step by step. Not only that, WAM Luruike insists on excellence, provides customers with more advanced and superior products, minimizes the harm of hydrogen energy leakage to the environment, and successfully develops the CLEANWELL patented coating technology, which is a thread oil-free solution.

  CLEANWELL's patented coating is a non-polluting, multi-functional coating that replaces the traditional thread compound used for storage and threading, and is directly applied to the surface of WAM's patented special buckle by metal plating. Not only has super anti-corrosion and wear resistance, but also has a storage performance of more than three years in any exposed outdoor environment; and the thermosetting lubricant coated on the upper part of the electroplating surface has stable performance and can be reused throughout the entire buckle-up process, which is very environmentally friendly.

  CLEANWELL's patented coating technology is very suitable for underground storage of gas, and the hydrogen sealing of VAM's patent 21 has also passed the certification, which provides a comprehensive guarantee for the operation of hydrogen storage wells in the future. The current proven product line covers sizes 6 5/8” to 13 5/8” and is constantly evolving according to customer needs.

  The research and development of hydrogen energy has a long and difficult road, and we are always on the way for energy transformation. Vallourec offers unique solutions in hydrogen storage and transportation for the hydrogen energy industry. In the future, Vallourec will continue to optimize hydrogen energy underground storage solutions, provide customers with higher-quality products and services, promote the accelerated development of clean energy with professional technology and deep understanding of the industry, and contribute wisdom to the world's green and low-carbon transformation.

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